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What to know about medical malpractice claims

Arizona residents may be aware of the health issues medical errors may cause. According to the British Medical Journal, they are the third-leading cause of death in the United States. Only heart disease and cancer account for more than the 251,000 deaths caused by medical error in 2016. The study published in the British Medical Journey has been corroborated by multiple studies in the United States.

Study analyzes the role of durotomy in malpractice cases

When patients undergo spinal surgery, they often suffer small tears in the outer membrane of their spine. The tear is called durotomy and is sometimes unavoidable. In most cases, though, the surgeon will detect it and order a second operation to repair the injury, leaving the patient with no long-term issues to worry about. Arizona residents should know, however, about a study analyzing how durotomy is addressed in medical malpractice suits.

Did you suffer a stroke after surgery?

A recent study has shown that patients have a higher risk of suffering death, a heart attack or stroke following a surgery, and it doesn't matter whether the surgery involves the heart. In fact, these kinds of complications happen in approximately 3 percent of patients who are hospitalized for non-cardiac-related surgeries in the United States.

How honest are doctors when they make mistakes?

Arizona hospital patients expect doctors to be accurate and highly skilled in performing medical procedures and treatments. It might surprise some patients to know that doctors do not always tell them the whole truth, particularly when things go wrong during surgery. A JAMA Surgery survey published in 2016 showed that while most surgeons said they admit errors to their patients, only a little more than half said they apologized or discussed whether or not the mistake could have been prevented.

How patients can protect themselves against medical errors

Arizona residents may be aware of a neighboring state's efforts to curb hospital errors. Hundreds of hospitals have been publicly shamed through news releases that describe details of medical and surgical errors that have happened in California. But the rates of medical errors in that state have not reduced significantly since this shaming system has been in place. Across the country, medical errors are still a significant problem, so patient advocates have advised patients to be prepared to protect themselves when seeking medical treatment.

Surgical residents are often involved in malpractice cases

When Arizona patients enter hospitals for surgical procedures, they trust in teams of medical professionals in the operating room. If just one member of the surgical team makes an error, the results could be disastrous. A study shows that surgical residents and interns, who are still in training, are especially likely to be named in malpractice cases.

Surgeon defends value of surgical nurses to insurance companies

The methods used by insurance companies to control costs can frustrate both patients and medical providers in Arizona. An orthopedic surgeon recently challenged the practice of limiting payments for surgical staff by describing the many ways that nurses add value to medical care.

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