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How do you rebuild your life after suffering a catastrophic injury or losing a close family member to a wrongful death?

At the Law Offices of Raymond J. Slomski, P.C., we know this is difficult. But we are here to encourage you to assert your rights — not only for yourself, but in order to hold the careless party accountable and prevent similar harm from happening to others.

For three decades, our firm has helped people seriously injured by medical malpractice and other types of negligence pursue rightful compensation for those injures. Give us a call to arrange a no-cost consultation about your specific situation. Based in Phoenix, we serve clients throughout Arizona.

Proven Experience And Passionate Commitment

Our attorneys have a proven record of results in serious injury and wrongful death cases.

Using this experience, we focus our practice on a select number of cases, especially cases involving medical mistakes. This focus enables us to give each case we accept our full attention and passionate commitment to justice.

Using expert witnesses and other resources, we will take strong action on your behalf to pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries. By bringing your case forward, you will also be helping to protect the safety of others, by showing negligent parties that they can't get away with careless conduct without being confronted.

Medical Negligence cases require detailed evidence that a medical professional breached established standards of care. Our attorneys have an excellent network of expert witnesses to assist us in building your case.

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