Seeking Compensation For Asphyxia And Hypoxia Injuries

Birth asphyxia and hypoxia — conditions caused by a lack of oxygen to the infant during pregnancy or delivery — have several common causes. They may result from a delay in performing a C-section. They may also result from failure to monitor an infant effectively, especially if the labor is severe and long. In each case, the severity of the resulting brain injury or other physical disability is determined by factors unique to that case.

The Constant Care Requirement

When a child experiences a serious birth injury like asphyxia or hypoxia that leads to brain injury or other physical disabilities, constant care for the rest of the child's life may be necessary. At the Law Offices of Raymond J. Slomski, P.C., in Phoenix, we take this necessary care into account. Working with highly qualified experts, we help Arizona families assess a child's lifetime needs so we can seek appropriate compensation.

Often, a wide range of care and accommodations must be provided to allow the child to progress to his or her maximum potential. Some of those needs include:

  • Meetings with occupational therapists
  • Work with speech therapists
  • Physical therapy
  • Tube feedings
  • Extensive medications
  • Ongoing appointments with doctors
  • Special equipment at homes, including lifts, wheelchairs and monitors
  • Remodeling of the home to make certain rooms accessible
  • Suctioning and other respiratory breathing treatments
  • Medical care to treat seizures.

Who Will Care For My Child When Something Happens To Me?

For many parents, the question, "Who will take care of my child?" is one of their deepest concerns and biggest fears. Parents want the best for their children. If they are not there, children with profound disabilities may become subject to abuse or neglect.

Legal action may be an effective way to relieve these fears because a favorable jury verdict or settlement can provide the resources necessary to care for your child — even after you are no longer able to provide it.

Contact Us Regarding Hypoxia

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