Holding Medical Providers Accountable For Labor Or Delivery Errors

At the Law Offices of Raymond J. Slomski, P.C., the majority of the birth injury cases we see involve brain injuries due to improper delivery, brain injuries due to lack of oxygen or a combination of the two issues. Our lawyers have decades of experience getting justice and compensation for the parents of brain-injured newborns. We believe that holding negligent medical professionals accountable decreases future incidents.

Was Either The Labor Or The Delivery Handled Improperly?

Not all births are by the book. Many issues can arise. Doctors know this. They are trained on how to recognize potential issues during labor and how to respond to bring an infant safely into the world. When doctors overlook potential issues that should have been obvious or fail to take the proper steps to bring about a healthy birth, they can be held accountable for the harm that results. Often, that birth injury comes in the form of infant brain injuries.

Our attorneys handle cases involving failure to perform a C-section because of improper prenatal monitoring during labor, improper use of vacuum extraction and other delivery room errors.

The Magnitude Of Infant Brain Injury Claims

Parents come to us devastated, not only by the emotional impact but also by the thought of the future costs involved with raising a brain-damaged newborn. Our job is to seek compensation that will cover a lifetime's worth of medical care, a lifetime's worth of lost wages and more. These are not small amounts, so our opponents will fight back. Our experience has taught us how to build strong and successful cases to overcome all opponents.

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