When Lack Of Oxygen Harms Your Newborn

When parents prepare to bring a child into the world, the expenses they prepare for include things like clothes, toys and child care. They do not prepare for the massive medical bills that will come if their child suffers brain damage during birth. If the brain injury was the result of lack of oxygen during birth, a problem that could have been prevented had doctors handled the procedure properly, the parents should not have to deal with the medical bills on their own. They should be compensated for a lifetime's worth of medical expenses.

At the Law Offices of Raymond J. Slomski, P.C., we are here to hold the doctors accountable for birth injuries. We take action against negligent medical professionals to get compensation for our clients and to keep other families from ever having to go through this devastating event.

Conditions Related To Lack Of Oxygen

Our attorneys handle cases involving asphyxia and hypoxia, as well as all other conditions related to lack of oxygen during childbirth, and the brain damage that results.

We conduct thorough investigations in order to determine what exactly went wrong. What caused the lack of oxygen? Was this a result of failure to effectively monitor the infant during a severe and long labor? Did the doctors wait too long to begin a C-section? Did they simply overlook a problem that would have been obvious to any of their peers?

With a legal nurse consultant on staff and access to other medical professionals, we have the ability to gather the facts necessary to answer all questions and build a case designed to get results. We have decades of experience serving parents in Phoenix and throughout Arizona.

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