What Caused The Birth Injury?

In many cases, the cause of a birth injury can be traced to improper monitoring. At the Law Offices of Raymond J. Slomski, P.C., in Phoenix, we have seen cases in which monitors were not used properly and the vital signs being monitored were actually the mother's, not the baby's. We have seen cases in which monitors revealed fetal distress or other problems, but either the warning signs went unnoticed or they were not relayed from the nurse to the doctor in a timely manner.

Of course, fetal monitoring technology can reveal problems, but if the problems are not addressed quickly and correctly, they can still result in birth injuries. For example, even if fetal distress is seen on a monitor, if a C-section is not initiated, the newborn may still suffer life-changing brain damage or other harm.

How Did The Injury To Your Child Occur?

With decades of experience on our side, we know the importance of conducting a thorough investigation. We want to get the answers you need and the answers necessary to build a strong case. Our attorneys will do everything possible to hold accountable those who violate safety rules and needlessly endanger people.

We handle cases involving common causes of birth injuries and medical malpractice, such as:

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