When Harm Occurs After Doctors Try To Induce Labor

Sometimes doctors think they can control things when they really can't. In the context of labor and delivery, this can occur when they use labor-inducing drugs such as oxytocin or prostaglandin without really thinking through the possible consequences.

At the Law Offices of Raymond J. Slomski, P.C., we know how badly things can get off track when doctors are too quick to pump drugs into a pregnant woman in an effort to induce delivery. If you or your baby was injured by this procedure, we encourage you to talk with us in a free consultation about your situation. Based in Phoenix, our attorneys serve clients throughout Arizona.

What Happened To You Or Your Baby?

There are numerous things that can happen when using Pitocin or other labor-inducing drugs. For one thing, the drugs might not work. This can lead to the need for a C-section if the cervix hasn't shown the right signs of dilation — a C-section that might not even have been necessary if the drugs hadn't been used.

There are risks of severe injuries to the baby and to the mother if labor-inducing drugs are not used thoughtfully. One of these risks is premature birth, which can occur if labor is induced too early.

Labor-inducing medications can also cause too many contractions, which can lower the baby's heart rate excessively. If this happens, it can prevent the receipt of sufficient oxygen to the baby's brain.

Labor-inducing medications can also cause umbilical cord problems. If the cord gets compressed because it slips into the vagina, it can cut off part of the baby's oxygen supply.

Mothers are at risk too in certain situations when labor-inducing drugs are used. Induction drugs can lead to excessive bleeding after delivery because the uterine muscles aren't contracting properly. In addition, uterine rupture — though not a common occurrence — is a conceivable and highly dangerous scenario.

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