Pursuing Compensation For Obstetrical Errors

Did The OB/GYN Make An Error That Led To A Birth Injury?

At the Law Offices of Raymond J. Slomski, P.C., in Phoenix, Arizona, our attorneys have decades of experience holding obstetricians and ob-gyns accountable for their errors. We take pride in doing everything we can to help families after they have encountered this life-changing form of medical malpractice. We work hard to see that they get compensation for all the future medical care their child may need as a result of a birth injury caused by an obstetrical error. In the process, we believe that we send a clear message to the medical community that medical malpractice is simply unacceptable.

"Who will care for my child when I'm no longer able to?" This is a common question parents have after a birth injury. As we pursue compensation, we keep this question in mind. We want to make certain that your child's needs are covered for life, and that includes the cost of caregivers that may be needed now or in the distant future.

When Did The Obstetrician Error Occur?

Working with our on-staff legal nurse consultant and our network of experts, we carefully review every case to determine what exactly went wrong. Investigation is critical.

Obstetrician errors can be made at any stage. These doctors may make an error when monitoring the pregnancy. They may fail to conduct proper tests or fail to properly read test results, leading to them failing to diagnose a medical condition that could cause problems during delivery. They may make an error during the delivery itself, leading to brain damage or another birth injury. In some cases, birth injuries are the result of mistakes made by an obstetrician immediately after birth. Whatever the case, we will work hard to hold the negligent party accountable.

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