Challenges To Overcome In Medical Malpractice Cases

A medical malpractice case begins when you believe that you or a close family member has been badly hurt by what you suspect was medical malpractice. Maybe your family member even died under somewhat suspicious circumstances after receiving medical care.

Once you come to this realization, your first step should be to contact an attorney. Contacting an attorney can be intimidating and you may be uncertain about bringing a potential lawsuit, but it is the right step to take. Here at the Law Offices of Raymond J. Slomski, P.C., in Phoenix, we believe in fighting for you and your family. We strive to make the legal process as stress-free as possible, and work to get you the recovery you deserve.

Medical malpractice cases are often extremely complicated and it is normal to be concerned about the challenges you might face in a lawsuit. We have over 25 years of experience in dealing with these types of lawsuits, and will help guide you through the process. It's time to put your situation into the hands of someone you can trust. We encourage you to contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your particular situation.

Hurdling Evidentiary Barriers

Finding medical malpractice initially requires an examination of the individual's medical records. It will often require several medical experts to determine if and when a party fell below the standard of care. If the experts find a party fell below the standard of care, it is called medical negligence. Showing medical negligence requires extensive expert testimony and is one of the most important parts to a medical malpractice case.

Our law firm has the resources to obtain and present such evidence. We have a legal nursing consultant on staff and a network of medical experts to help us develop a strong case for your benefit. Our cases are structured so that we're ready to fight for you or your family in court, if necessary.

Each case is different, and there is no guaranty that your claim will be successful. However, we have a proven record of results through jury awards and negotiated settlements.

Calculating The Cost Of Your Future Care

Another challenge in a medical malpractice case is determining the proper recovery necessary to compensate you and your family. In many cases, a large part of that recovery is the cost of continuing requirements for care and accommodation for your loved one. Our firm has the experience and resources to tackle this challenge head on.

With the input from other professionals in our network of experts, we develop a care plan to address not only your immediate needs, but also your ongoing and potentially lifetime needs as well.

Free Consultation Available

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