Holding Doctors And Nurses Accountable For Surgical Errors

When people undergo surgery, they trust their health and their future to the hands of a surgeon — a professional they expect to be highly trained and competent. Unfortunately, not every surgeon delivers medical treatment that is consistent with the acceptable standard of care. When surgeons act in a manner that is negligent, they can leave patients with debilitating conditions and can even cause wrongful death.

What Type Of Error Occurred In Your Case?

Our Phoenix, Arizona, law firm represents victims of a wide range of surgical errors, including:

While not every bad result is medical malpractice, surgical errors should be assessed with the assistance of an experienced lawyer. At the Law Offices of Raymond J. Slomski, P.C., we use decades of experience to help our clients evaluate potential medical malpractice claims. We have a seasoned registered nurse on staff and conduct thorough reviews of all related medical records and issues.

We are prepared to uncover evidence that is highly relevant to the success of a legal claim. Surgeons' negligence can change the lives of their patients forever. Oftentimes, surgeons and hospital staff fail to disclose the significance of these errors. The patients may find that their questions go unanswered. In the event of a serious permanent injury, they should consult with an experienced attorney.

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