Holding Negligent Anesthesiologists Accountable

At the Law Offices of Raymond J. Slomski, P.C., we have seen many types of surgical errors in the past few decades. Thanks to modern medical technology, and thanks to medical malpractice attorneys like us who hold negligent health care professionals accountable, there are some types that we have seen less and less. One of those is anesthesia errors.

While anesthesia errors are rare, they can and do happen. Anesthetics are extremely powerful. Administered improperly, they can cause paralysis or brain damage. Some anesthesiologist errors have nothing to do with the anesthesia itself, but are the result of improper intubation. Whatever the case, if you or a loved one was anesthetized during surgery and an anesthesia error was made, our Phoenix, Arizona, attorneys can take action.

Anesthesiologists Are Responsible For More Than Just Anesthesia

Anesthesiologists do much more than administer anesthesia. During a surgical procedure, they also are responsible for monitoring the patient's vital signs. They watch heart rate. They watch body temperature. They watch urine output. They even monitor blood loss.

Of course, they do all of this with the help of very sophisticated tools. Still, during a complex surgery, mistakes can be made in using these tools. Perhaps the tool was not hooked up properly. Perhaps it was functioning properly, but the anesthesiologist did not read it properly. No matter what went wrong, negligent medical professionals need to be held accountable. Victims have the right to compensation. That is where our law firm comes in.

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