Holding Doctors Accountable For Wrong-Site Surgery

Wrong-site surgery is not an urban myth. It does sometimes happen, and when it does it is devastating to the person who experienced it.

That is why, at the Law Offices of Raymond J. Slomski, P.C., we devote part of our practice to helping people injured by wrong-site surgery. Our firm has a proven record of results in medical malpractice cases. Give us a call today to arrange to discuss your specific situation in a no-cost consultation. Based in Phoenix, we serve clients throughout Arizona.

How Could This Have Happened?

Let's be clear about what we mean by wrong-site surgery. It means doing the right surgery on the wrong body part, and it also includes doing the wrong procedure entirely.

This should ever happen. But if wrong-site surgery has happened to you — perhaps by mistaking your identity with that of another patient — it makes sense to consider seeking compensation for your injuries.

Our law firm can help you bring a claim and advocate forcefully for your position. With a nurse on staff and a network of medical professionals, we have access to the medical knowledge needed to build your case.

Equally important, we have strong litigation skills in cases involving surgical mistakes and other medical errors. We know what it takes to translate justifiable outrage at a wrong-site surgery into an effective legal claim.

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