Seeking Justice And Care After A Lost Limb

People who lose limbs find that their lives are permanently changed. It can take years of physical therapy for someone who has lost a limb to be able to adjust to the loss. Even after that point, the pain may remain. The medical costs associated with amputation injuries may never completely go away. Even after all the treatment has finished, the victim may need to consider the costs of prosthetic limbs, which require maintenance, repair and replacement. At the Law Offices of Raymond J. Slomski, P.C., in Phoenix, Arizona, our attorneys make certain that these costs are not overlooked as we pursue compensation for the victim.

Was The Loss Of Limb Caused By An Act Of Negligence?

Having handled serious injury cases for decades, we have seen loss of limb caused by negligence in a variety of settings. We have seen medical malpractice lead to limb loss. An improperly treated postoperative infection may lead to gangrene. Circulation becomes compromised. A limb may need to be amputated. Of course, more often, loss of limb is the result of an auto accident.

We are dedicated to justice for people who have lost their:

  • Legs

  • Feet

  • Toes

  • Arms

  • Hands

  • Fingers

We also handle cases in which the limb has not been lost but has been damaged to the extent that it has no or very limited function. Like loss of limb cases, loss of use cases can stem from acts of medical malpractice or motor vehicle accidents.

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