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Most common types of malpractice claims involving newborns

Knowing what to look out for and what to expect are key steps in protecting your child's health. Which is why you check their temperature when they don't feel well - you're monitoring a potential warning sign. You put sunscreen on them before going outside because you know sun exposure leads to sunburn and, long term, potential skin cancer.

Possessing this knowledge does not guarantee a solution for every situation, but it can help. The same can be said of birth injuries or instances of medical malpractice that may affect, or have affected, your child.

Does your doctor understand what they're prescribing?

As an expectant parent, you trust your doctor to guide you through a healthy pregnancy and delivery. You probably cannot fathom that a medical professional would do something to harm you or your baby.

While your physician may not do so intentionally, overlooking the known side effects of prescription medications could result in birth defects or injuries. Nearly all medicine has potentially-harmful side effects, but do you know which medications you should not take throughout your pregnancy?

Can an expectant mom hurt her infant through a natural delivery?

When you are pregnant, you eat healthily, get your rest and prepare a safe place to welcome your infant home. You attend your doctor's appointments and ask questions about how to have a healthy pregnancy.

But sometimes your doctor is misguided. They may provide incomplete information or fail to run tests necessary for a safe birth process. Unfortunately, in some cases, you could unknowingly pass an infection along to your baby during birth.

4ft of wire left in patient's body found ten years after surgery

A patient recently found over four feet of wire left in his body after a surgical procedure that he received over ten years ago. The patient received an angioplasty in 2005 and the surgeon failed to remove everything used during the procedure.

Radiologist held accountable for negligence

Seeking justice for an injury that results from negligent medical care requires vigilance. Justice can take time. A recent case provides an example.

One-year-old seeks medical care: A young girl's family had sought medical care for the child at an emergency department because she was vomiting and was breathing rapidly.

Arizona ranks in the bottom 10 states for sepsis care

Most Americans have never heard of sepsis, but the illness is a leading cause of hospital deaths. It costs the nation tens of billions of dollars every year, and doctors, nurses and other hospital staff are fully aware of the dangers. Still, they don’t all respond with the same levels of urgency and care.

According to a 2018 article in Becker’s Hospital Review, Arizona’s hospitals ranked among the nation’s worst for sepsis care. The state’s bottom 10 ranking was based on the percentage of patients who received proper care. The national average was only 49%, but Arizona slipped four points lower to 44%. This means Arizona’s hospitals responded poorly in 56% of all sepsis cases.

How much is your surgeon's error worth?

If you have ever had surgery, you probably know how scary it can be. It might be an emergency situation, or perhaps it is a last resort.

As you get wheeled into the operating room, there are certain things you probably expect from your surgeon. At the very least, you likely trust they'll perform the correct procedure and operate on the right body part. But what happens when the surgeon makes a mistake?

Misdiagnoses, delayed care play role in maternal mortality rates

Maternal mortality rates are on the rise in the United States. Experts have pointed to demographics as a primary cause. High blood pressure and large infant birth weights are often blamed. A new investigation points to a bigger problem: misdiagnoses and delayed care.

Cardiologist calls actions of surgeon 'beyond horrifying'

A recent publication by the New York Times has brought a teaching hospital under fire. The expose discusses how the pediatric cardiology group voiced concerns about the abilities of the chief of surgery to management and hospital executives. Instead of supporting their concerns, the leader of the children's hospital told the group a failure to use this surgeon could result in a loss of their jobs.

After the expose became public, hospital executives stated the group who pushed for change within the department had "team culture issues" that led to dysfunction. The recordings highlight the inner workings of a department and how these dynamics can impact patients. The interplay between physicians and administration can be a difficult one that could leave patients at risk.

Can doctors misdiagnose preeclampsia?

Women experience several health changes during pregnancy, and if it is their first child those symptoms are new and strange. It can be difficult to discern what is a normal occurrence and what is a complication. They end up placing a lot of trust in their doctors.

Unfortunately, doctors can make errors. It has led pregnant women in the U.S. to suffer more fatal complications than women in any other high-income country.

One common complication doctors miss is preeclampsia. Despite it affecting 5-8% of pregnancies, doctors can miss the signs and it can have devastating effects for mother and baby. It is one of the top six causes of maternal mortality in the U.S.

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