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Four things to know about medical malpractice

First off, what exactly is medical malpractice, or as others call it, medical negligence?

Medical malpractice occurs when the health-care provider (the hospital or doctor) strays away from following the “standard of care” when treating the patient. The definition of the “standard of care,” is how a doctor should or should not have acted under the same or similar circumstances. This standard will differ by procedure.

How does 'severe maternal morbidity' impact mothers in the United States?

Unfortunately, maternal mortalities and near-fatal obstetric complications are common in the United States. In fact, the country has one of the highest rates of maternal mortalities compared to other high-income countries throughout North America and Western Europe.

Even when expecting mothers survive their complications, negative effects remain. They, as well as their families, must live with the emotional, physical and financial consequences of an obstetric emergency.

Study looks into causes of surgical error

It is no surprise that there is a connection between surgical error and patient injury or death. Multiple studies have confirmed this connection. Research continues to offer suggestions to mitigate the risk. But what if researchers are focused on the wrong risks?

A recent study suggests the issue involves more than the skill of the surgeon or the need to carefully account for all surgical tools before finalizing the procedure. Instead, the study suggests the issue we need to address is that of human performance deficiencies.

Are surgical staples causing injuries?

The United States Food and Drug Administration recently sent a Letter to Health Care Providers outlining the dangers connected to use of surgical staplers. The letter focused on the use of internal staples and implantable surgical staples, devices commonly used in surgical procedures.

What is the lifetime cost of a traumatic brain injury?

It’s hard to understate the impact a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have on somebody’s life. While a mild TBI such as a concussion might affect someone for days or weeks, any type of more serious TBI can have long-term repercussions.

Even a moderate TBI can result in a decades-long or lifetime impairment, while those who suffer a severe TBI are never expected to regain the same level of ability they had prior to the incident. In addition to the emotional toll a TBI takes on both the victim and their loved ones, medical expenses can potentially become overwhelming.

Study: Does a radiologist's speed impact their accuracy?

What happens if a radiologist reads an image quickly? Is the speed the result of expertise or does a quick read time increase a patient’s risk of diagnostic error? A recent study dug into these questions.

The study, published in the American Journal of Roentgenology, examined the amount of time a radiologist was given to review an image and the diagnostic accuracy.

What can you do when your doctor does not listen to you?

No matter how healthy you are, you might need to address a medical concern with a doctor at some point. And since you know what is normal for your body, it is important for a provider to listen to your concerns, so they can decide on the best course of action for diagnosing and treating you correctly.

Although physicians have extensive education on which they base their opinions and recommendations on, they often have a limited amount of time to designate to each patient. As a result, you must make sure your doctor fully listens to your symptoms, concerns and desired outcome to increase your chances of receiving appropriate care.

Parents claim doctor's failure to intervene led to birth injury

Medical care during labor and delivery can make the difference between a challenging, yet successful delivery and a lifetime of battling medical challenges when the attending staff fail to provide needed intervention. A recent case provides an example.

Pregnant mothers & prescription meds: Is fetus at risk for NAS?

From 2009 to 2013, neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) doubled in the United States. To help determine the cause for the increase, a recent study reviewed the risks of NAS on infants whose mothers underwent surgery during pregnancy.

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