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May 2014 Archives

Doctor errors lead to serious medical injuries

An alleged victim of doctor errors has initiated a legal action relating to her injuries. The woman claims that doctors made a mistake in diagnosing her condition, which led to the inflammation of her brain and other injuries. The lawsuit says that doctors did not successfully identify that she was suffering from herpes simplex encephalitis. The condition is a rare form of brain inflammation related to the same virus that results in cold sores.

Doctors using Wikipedia? Say it isn't so

When you think you're sick, do you go online to look up your symptoms to see what medical condition you may have? Many people in Arizona use Wikipedia and other websites to check their symptoms. While this is a common behavior by patients, it may surprise many people to learn that many doctors also use Wikipedia to help diagnose patients.

Many factors can cause brain injuries in newborns

Roughly one in 1,000 full-term babies born in the United States suffer a brain injury, according to a new report by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Brain injuries in newborns can cause life-long damage and complications. Brain injuries at birth can cause cerebral palsy and other disabilities that can impact the rest of the baby's life. 

Misdiagnosis impacts 12 million patients every year

When you go to the doctor's office, you expect your doctor to pay attention to your symptoms and properly diagnose any medical conditions or complications you may have. Getting a diagnosis is the first step in getting better because you need a diagnosis to receive any medical treatment or care. 

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