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July 2014 Archives

Doctors and others ask for harm reports

A group of doctors, professors and other healthcare advocates are calling for tracking and adequate reporting of preventable harms and deaths of patients in hospitals in Arizona and across the United States. According to a professor of public health at Harvard, patient safety has not improved since an Institute of Medicine report called for reforms to prevent patient deaths due to medical error. That report was issued 15 years ago. Many of the experts who have testified before congress have said that part of the problem is the fact that medical providers fail to do an adequate job of tracking harm.

Health care facilities and pharmaceutical companies can be sued

Most Arizona patients trust their health care providers, whether they are doctors, surgeons, nurses and even pharmaceutical companies, to take care of all of their medical needs. However, mistakes that can cause severe injury or even death are sometimes made. If something goes wrong and a disorder or disease is not diagnosed, is misdiagnosed or is not properly treated, an injured patient may be able to file a lawsuit against those who were involved in his or her care.

Limited testing for Lyme disease can cause problems in treatment

Arizona residents may know that being bitten by a tick can lead to Lyme disease. Lyme disease may be more prevalent in the United States than test results for the disease suggest. This is because, at present, the prevailing test for Lyme disease only involves one species of tick, but many species of tick can infect people with the disease. False negatives are common in Lyme disease testing, and the disease is often misdiagnosed as something else.

Arizona court rules hospitals liable for vulnerable adult abuse

On June 30, Arizona's Supreme Court unanimously ruled that hospitals and nursing homes can be found liable for abuse of vulnerable adults. The ruling involves two cases of alleged neglect in two separate Arizona hospitals. In both cases, the patient died and the suit was filed by family members who said the care that the deceased party received was in violation of the Adult Protective Services Act.

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