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Important questions to always ask a doctor

Arizona residents may wish to know about some of the factors influencing healthcare services that many physicians may never mention unless directly prompted. Often times, patients refrain from sharing certain details about their personal health unless asked about it directly. These individuals may be at the risk of suffering serious health problems; according to prominent medical professionals, patients often benefit from acting as a partner in their own healthcare.

Patients who receive an elective surgery during the afternoon or on a Friday are often subject to higher mortality risks and higher risks of suffering complications. This is because most regular crews leave the office at 4:00 p.m. and the physicians after-hours and on the weekends are often less familiar with the patient's health history. It is also worth noting that new medical residents treating patients for the first time cause the rate of medical errors to increase by 10 percent during July of each year.

One out of every 20 patients receive an inaccurate diagnosis when visiting a physician's office. Approximately 50 percent of these errors have the potential to turn into a serious injury, but only a small fraction of these actually develop into a serious condition. Some patients may benefit from asking a physician how to tell if the diagnosis is incorrect or if the treatment is not working. Patients may also benefit from asking doctors how their own complication rates compare with the national average.

Asking the hard questions may be the most effective way to get honest answers about the probability of success for surgery or an ongoing treatment. Asking these questions and holding physicians more accountable for sharing information might lead to more successful treatments and a more health-conscious patient. People who suffer injuries due to doctors' errors or negligence may benefit from contacting a medical malpractice attorney.

Source: Care2, " 5 Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You Unless You Ask", Ann Pietrangelo, August 04, 2014

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