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Medical malpractice and giving birth

Expecting mothers in Arizona may want to know that infants can suffer injuries during the birthing process for a number of reasons. The prolonged pressure endured by the baby during a long labor may cause harm. If a woman has an irregularly sized pelvis, her infant may become lodged and require that a physician use forceps or vacuum extraction. These methods can also cause trauma. Babies can also be harmed during birth when they are in a transverse position or a breech. Babies weighing more than 9 pounds, 14.7 ounces are at a greater risk of being hurt during birth.

There are several types of birth injuries, which include those to the face, head, neck injury, nervous system and skeletal system. Minor injuries may resolve over time and some may require medical intervention. Certain injuries may cause lifelong disability or paralysis and others may result in death.

Physicians generally monitor expectant mothers throughout their pregnancies for any signs of possible complications. Sometimes birth injuries occur as a result of negligent care. When parents suspect that breaches of duty may have resulted in harm to their infants, they can retain attorneys experienced with birth injury cases in order to pursue compensation.

In order to gather evidence of a physician's negligence, legal counsel would likely interview family members concerning the events spanning from the beginning of the pregnancy through delivery. They would also probably review the mother's medical records with physicians who could point toward the defendant's wrongdoing. Verdicts in favor of plaintiffs of this kind of personal injury suit could yield damages for the monetary losses caused to them as a result of the harm suffered by their babies.

Source: Health Pages, "Birth Injury and Trauma", September 10, 2014

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