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Providing professional litigation pertaining to surgical errors

Located in the heart of Arizona, our law firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of people who have been injured because of a surgical error. We understand that surgery is a serious matter for anyone who must undergo one, and, in many cases, an individual's life depends on the skill of the surgeon to perform the surgery successfully. While hospitals should be places where people feel confident they will receive the care they deserve, surgeons should be medical professionals whom they can fully trust.

In the event an individual suffers an injury or dies at the hands of a negligent surgeon, our law firm may be able to hold that surgeon accountable for his or her actions. Because our experience spans several decades, our lawyers are highly skilled to handle a variety of claims due to errors by surgeons such as leaving surgical instruments inside patient's bodies, anesthesia errors, incorrectly operating on the wrong body part or a gastric bypass error.

In order to determine the liable party, we thoroughly evaluate the circumstances surrounding a surgical error claim. During our assessment of a case, our firm's highly trained and experienced registered nurse assists us as we try to thoroughly comb through the medical details of a case. Sometimes, hospitals or surgeons may attempt to hold back significant information about the allegations brought forth in the case. However, our firm may try to uncover any pertinent evidence that might strengthen the claim.

Our law firm may be able to litigate on behalf of those who are faced with serious, life-changing injuries that they believe resulted from the negligent actions of a surgeon. If you have suffered a debilitating injury following a surgery, please visit our page on surgical errors for more information about our practice and what to do following the incident.

Source: Law offices of Raymond J. Slomski, P.C. , "Phoenix, Arizona, Attorneys for Surgical Errors", December 09, 2014

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