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Birth injuries due to medical malpractice

Some women who live in Arizona prefer the process of a natural birth as opposed to the cesarean section delivery method. When intervention is required, however, vacuum suction and forceps delivery can ease a difficult vaginal delivery. The decision to use one method over the other in assisted vaginal delivery is typically based on the clinical situation involved and the expertise of the doctor.

Vacuum delivery has consistently been associated with less injury to the mother's soft tissue. However, forceps delivery has been known to assist women with known neurological conditions, respiratory issues and heart disease. This is especially pertinent when a woman is unable to reach the second stage of labor on her own. This process also avoids any surgical scars as opposed to the invasive cesarean.

Vacuum delivery can only be used with a full-term birth. It can cause bleeding in the brain of a premature infant. Forceps should be used with a premature infant. Additionally, because vacuum-assisted delivery can only be used during contractions, delivery of the child can take longer. Therefore, if a child is in distress, forceps delivery can provide quicker access for the child to needed medical attention.

Problems occur during some deliveries. Some are avoidable and others may be due to the medical malpractice of the health care practitioner or hospital involved. Negligence can fall on the doctor, nurse, hospital or any other health care provider involved in the birth. If injury has occurred, one may benefit from seeking advice of an attorney.

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