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Common kinds of Arizona birth trauma

Birth is a traumatic experience for the infant, and can occasionally lead to injuries. However, many Arizona births involve some form of trauma that is caused or compounded by the negligence of medical staff. Common types of birth trauma involve broken bones or dislocated joints, which can lead to problems later in life if these injuries are not detected promptly and treated correctly.

Jaundice leading to brain damage in infants

While it is relatively common for babies in Arizona to be born with slight jaundice, if the condition is not properly treated, the buildup of bilirubin in the infant's system may lead to permanent brain damage. If your baby suffered from chronic bilirubin encephalopathy that was not promptly addressed, your child may be left with permanent and heartbreaking brain damage as a result.

Laryngeal nerve injury in newborns

Laryngeal nerve injury is a problem that can affect newborns in Arizona. When an infant's laryngeal nerve is injured, the injury causes a disturbance that can affect the infant's ability to breath and swallow normally. Babies who are born with a laryngeal nerve injury usually have a hoarse cry or respiratory stridor due to paralysis of the laryngeal nerve.

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