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Common kinds of Arizona birth trauma

Birth is a traumatic experience for the infant, and can occasionally lead to injuries. However, many Arizona births involve some form of trauma that is caused or compounded by the negligence of medical staff. Common types of birth trauma involve broken bones or dislocated joints, which can lead to problems later in life if these injuries are not detected promptly and treated correctly.

The most common bone breakage trauma is a clavicular fracture, in which the infant's collarbone is broken during birth. High birth weight and breech deliveries may play a role in these birth injuries, but the use of forceps to aid delivery or the involvement of shoulder dystocia are also risk factors. This type of break is relatively simple to treat, usually requiring little more than immobilization for several days. However, the spine and arm bones should be checked as well for possible injury if clavicular fracture is diagnosed.

A long bone fracture, in which arm or leg bones are broken, may occur with clavicular fracture or on its own. In this case, splinting the fracture will facilitate healing enough to remove the splint in 8-10 days, with full healing in two to four weeks. Epiphysial displacement, where the elbow or knee is dislocated during birth, requires immobilization and follow-up monitoring to ensure the injury heals properly to prevent limb deformity.

When considering a case involving an injury to a newborn, an attorney may start by requesting the medical records of the mother and child as well as the overall history of the attending staff. Once liability has been established, the attorney may recommend the filing of a medical malpractice lawsuit if it is determined that the negligence of a health care practitioner was the cause of the injury.

Source: Medscape, "Birth Trauma - Bone Injury", Nirupama Laroia, Feb. 2, 2015

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