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Hospital patients may receive unequal treatment

As Arizona residents may have heard, a recently-published book alleges that some hospitals in the United States favor influential patients. The book claims that wealthy individuals may receive special treatment. In addition, the author postulates that being hospitalized in mid-summer may be less than advantageous and possibly risky.

A study by the author over a period of four years documented hospital concerns by nurses working in different institutions. One nurse recommended that individuals might wish to avoid being hospitalized at teaching hospitals during the month of July. Statistically, the incidence of medication errors increase as does the death rate. This coincides with a changeover for medical interns and residents. Those who become hospitalized at this time, according to the author, may receive treatment from physicians who are less experienced. Allegedly, some of these fledgling physicians are less likely to ask for assistance.

One nurse reported that when an individual considered to be influential, wealthy or famous was hospitalized, that patient was placed in a special care area near the nurses station and other patients might be moved. Allegedly, these patients receive personal attention, nicer rooms that are unavailable to other patients and special diets with items that are not on the regular hospital menu.

A person who has been hospitalized and has not received proper treatment or experienced other forms of hospital negligence may suffer harm that results in higher medical bills and a longer recuperative period. When that happens, it might be beneficial to consult with an attorney. Legal counsel may review the patient's records and, with the assistance of experts, determine if the hospital staff failed to exercise the appropriate standard of care. If so, filing a medical malpractice lawsuit seeking the recovery of appropriate damages may be advisable.

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