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How hospital patients can take charge of their safety

When Arizona patients go to a hospital for a procedure or surgery, they expect their doctors and other health care practitioners to take care of them properly. However, there are some steps that patients can take to keep themselves as safe as possible.

If the health problem is not an emergency, it is recommended that potential patients review the hospital's rating, including the infection rates, prior to scheduling a surgery or procedure. Patients should also determine who is in charge of their care and who is involved in the procedure. This way, the patient knows who to ask if they have questions or who to talk to if something goes wrong. If the patient does not understand why they are undergoing a procedure or what exactly their condition is, they should ask for a simplified response.

Patients should also not be afraid to ask their health care providers to wash their hands, as there is always a possibility of infections. Because some medications can have adverse reactions, it is recommended that patients bring in a list along with a photograph of the medication to reduce preventable medical events. Finally, patients should discuss their discharge plans and have their doctor explain how to take the medication or self-care regimens that they should be following at home.

Even when patients take their safety in their own hands, hospital negligence can still lead to injuries or even illnesses that the person did not have before being admitted. If negligence does lead to an injury or illness, the patient may want to discuss with an attorney the feasibility of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against the responsible health care provider and the hospital seeking appropriate damages.

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