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When your child has been injured during childbirth

When a parent's child is injured during childbirth, the child may be left with lifelong disabilities. In the event that your child suffered a birth injury in Arizona due to the negligence of the medical staff, you may want to consider filing a medical malpractice civil lawsuit on your child's behalf.

In many birth injury cases, the hospital and the doctor's malpractice insurance carrier will agree to a settlement without the need to go through the court process. Before you agree to a settlement offer, it is important that you take steps to properly value your case to ensure that the amount offered is sufficient. This will involve assessing the future needs and care your child will require.

You will also need to gather all of the medical records and evidence regarding your child's birth injury. After you receive them, you will need to be able to read through them and understand the medical terminology used within them. You might need to ask a medical expert to review the records for you.

At our law firm, our attorneys work closely with our clients in order to properly value their cases. They then review the child's future care needs in order to arrive at a figure for how much a good settlement would be. Our attorneys often negotiate for larger settlements than those initially offered. They may secure the help of medical experts for help in determining future costs to arrive at an overall case value. Our medical malpractice attorneys understand the emotional stress and pain our clients undergo when dealing with a child that has been injured due to medical malpractice during labor and childbirth. If you need more information about birth injuries, you may want to review our page on the subject.

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