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PTSD after giving birth

While most Arizona couples have probably heard of post-traumatic stress disorder, they may mostly think about the syndrome in terms of vets returning from war. PTSD, however, can occur to anyone who goes through a traumatic experience. Some women develop it after going through a difficult experience during childbirth and labor.

PTSD can be triggered in women who are already anxious about childbirth and then experience such things as an emergency C-section or a labor delivery with forceps. They may later suffer from intrusive thoughts about the negative events that occurred and be unable to control them.

Women who are anxious may benefit by seeking help from a therapist in advance of their delivery date. A therapist may help them walk through their fears and relieve some of them. A therapist might also provide the expectant mother with breathing and meditation techniques that can help them feel calmer while in labor and delivery. Women who develop PTSD may experience hallucinations, fear, irritability, difficulty sleeping and a state of hyper-arousal. With correct diagnosis and treatment,, a woman suffering from the disorder may experience some relief.

When the traumatic event during childbirth occurred because of a doctor's mistake, the mother may want to consider speaking with a medical malpractice attorney. Nothing can be more traumatic for a parent than when a doctor's negligent actions causes an infant to suffer from birth injuries. In addition to seeking the recovery of damages through a civil lawsuit filed against the doctor and medical staff that are responsible, a mother suffering from PTSD due to the events and injuries may also want to seek professional help from a psychiatrist. While PTSD can be devastating, therapy and medical intervention may help alleviate the symptoms so the mother can begin to start healing emotionally.

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