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A surgical site infection can cause serious injury

When a person in Arizona is preparing to have a surgical procedure, it can be a harrowing time. Whether it is a small or large issue that must be dealt with, there is an inherent trust placed in the medical professionals performing the surgery. Even if it goes as planned, there is still a chance for complications to occur. One such issue can be a surgical site infection.

After the surgery has been completed, an infection can develop. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that this occurs in up to 3 percent of all surgical patients. Symptoms of a surgical site infection include a reddening and pain in the surgical spot, cloudy fluid draining from it, and fever. While this form of infection can be treated by using antibiotics, it is still dangerous and can lead to serious harm.

All members of the surgical staff are expected to take certain precautions to prevent a surgical site infection from happening. This includes proper hand-washing procedures with antiseptics and soap and water; removing hair from the patient's body if it is near the surgical site; wearing masks, gloves, gowns and other protective clothing; providing antibiotics to the patient before the procedure; and using a specially designed soap to clean the patient's skin at the surgery site.

After the surgery is completed, the medical professionals must continue taking precautions with strict cleanliness procedures before examining the patient. It should also be explained to the patient at the time of discharge that there are certain steps to caring for the wound. In the event that the infection was caused by negligent operating room staff, an affected patient may want to speak with a medical malpractice attorney to see if there is any recourse for seeking compensation for the damages that have been sustained.

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