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Medical errors caused by U.S. hospitals

Arizona patients may be aware of the risk of adverse effects that can occur from being admitted to a hospital. According to statistics, approximately 4 percent of hospitalized patients eventually develop a hospital-acquired infection that could be resistant to antibiotics. These adverse events claim about 23,000 lives each year. Overall, preventable errors at hospitals kill about 400,000 people annually.

Around 80 percent of the medical mistakes occurring at U.S. hospitals are classified as handoff errors such as miscommunication. Human error notwithstanding, recent reports claim that several technological applications could increase patients' likelihood of suffering adverse events as well. Many of these tools are designed in an attempt to improve patient safety and reduce practitioners workload, but when the mechanics are defective or they are not utilized properly, the consequences can be life-altering.

As medical staff attempt to improve imaging for a more accurate diagnosis, patients may be exposed to harmful levels of radiation if the facility does not possess the proper hardware and software for maintaining a reliable system of checks and balances. Facilities utilizing robotic surgery equipment may expose patients to additional risks if every member of the attending staff is not thoroughly trained and certified to operate the tool and uphold safety protocols.

A patient who has been harmed by hospital negligence may want to speak with a medical malpractice attorney in order to determine if there is any legal recourse available for the recovery of compensation. By a review of the patient's hospital records and with the assistance of medical experts, the attorney might determine that the health care facility failed to exhibit the requisite standard of care and should thus be held financially responsible for the patient's damages.

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