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November 2015 Archives

Program helps military doctors apologize to injured patients

A program that is being expanded by the Defense Department may help military service members in Arizona to get personal apologies from doctors who injured them. Healthcare Resolutions was developed in 2001, and it is currently in operation at eight military medical centers. With assistance from a mediator, patients, family members and doctors can sit down and talk about what went wrong during treatment.

Slips and falls in a medical facility may be complicated

There has been a debate in courts in some states on whether an individual who is injured in a fall in a hospital might be able to pursue a lawsuit to recover damages as a slip and fall injury or as medical malpractice. The importance of this is related to both the procedural issues connected to medical malpractice in Arizona and other jurisdictions and the impact this has on the case and the cost of litigating it.

Arizona doctors may spend more to lower liability risk

According to a recently-published study, doctors who utilize more resources on their patients are less likely to face malpractice lawsuits. The study may vindicate doctors who engage in defensive medicine, which is the practice of doing more for a patient to lower liability risks. It was based upon data involving Florida physicians and malpractice claims between 2000 and 2009.

Occurrence rates of drug errors during surgeries

Surgery can range from short diagnostic procedures to lengthy spinal fusions in Arizona hospitals, and even the simplest of these procedures involve risks. One of the most surprising risks may be that of medication errors. A recent study was conducted in a Boston hospital known for being a leader in patient safety. The study covered drug errors in surgeries held over a seven-month period during 2013 and 2014, and the results were surprising given the hospital's reputation.

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