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An overview of obstetric fistula

Expectant mothers in Arizona have a relatively low risk of experiencing obstetric fistula during childbirth. Although this birth injury has the potential to cause the death of an infant and to seriously impact the health of a mother, medical progress during the 20th century has resulted in high-income nations having practically no occurrences of this issue. Fistula is most common in remote areas where access to health services is minimal, especially in some parts of Asia and in portions of Africa. Statistics from the World Health Organization indicate that as many as three of every 1,000 pregnant women in ares with high mortality rates for mothers are affected by fistula.

Fistula occurs when an obstructed labor continues over a course of several days. In developed nations, a cesarean section is typically used to deliver a child when labor fails to progress safely. However, those who don't have access to such intervention can suffer damage to the pelvic area, which can lead to chronic incontinence problems. There are serious social consequences tied to incontinence, infertility, and nerve damage. Although fistula can be treated through reconstructive surgery, a lack of access to health services could prevent patients from getting such treatment.

Although many serious birth injuries are avoided through C-sections, this type of birth can carry its own set of risks. This means that a health care professional must weigh the dangers of a vaginal delivery against those of surgical delivery. If a labor fails to progress, a provider in the United States may determine that a C-section is necessary. A similar decision might be made due to poor vital signs from a mother or infant.

An individual whose baby suffers birth injuries due to a provider's delayed decision to perform a C-section might have grounds for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. A lawyer might assist by evaluating the records detailing vital signs and the timing of a provider's decision to do a C-section.

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