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January 2016 Archives

The limits of medical malpractice in Arizona

If an individual is prescribed pain medication, drives from the hospital and causes an accident, the doctor may be liable for third-party damages. This is what a New York court determined in one case that took place in 2009. A woman drove herself home from the hospital shortly after receiving pain medication, and she was not warned of the dangers of doing so.

Issues driving the nation's C-section rate

Although a mother may plan for a vaginal delivery, issues at the time of labor can result in an Arizona doctor's decision to perform a cesarean delivery. Providers in the United States perform C-sections in approximately one-third of deliveries. However, the results of a study that has been published in a leading medical journal indicate that the maximum benefit in mitigating fetal or maternal deaths is achieved at a C-section rate of 19 percent. One of the most serious issues to consider in the U.S. is the fact that the nation has a high rate of maternal deaths compared to other developed nations.

Safer surgery practices

Arizona patients facing the possibility of surgery may worry about issues such as pain, recovery time and safety as they prepare for their procedures. While safety issues have been addressed consistently over time, there is still room for further optimizing safety practices in the operating room. An error has the potential to create long-term problems or even result in the death of a patient, which makes it important for all involved in surgical activity to be striving for better results. An Oxford University study has analyzed certain safety systems to identify which provide the best outcomes.

Brain death policies vary among hospitals

According to a study published on Dec. 28 in JAMA Neurology, brain death policies vary widely from hospital to hospital in Arizona and nationwide. This is troubling because clear national guidelines on the requirements necessary for declaring a patient brain dead were issued by the American Academy of Neurology in 2010.

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