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Safer surgery practices

Arizona patients facing the possibility of surgery may worry about issues such as pain, recovery time and safety as they prepare for their procedures. While safety issues have been addressed consistently over time, there is still room for further optimizing safety practices in the operating room. An error has the potential to create long-term problems or even result in the death of a patient, which makes it important for all involved in surgical activity to be striving for better results. An Oxford University study has analyzed certain safety systems to identify which provide the best outcomes.

One of the primary approaches to improved safety is the use of effective communication among the surgical team. Another important system involves a concentration on improved methods for surgery-related activity. However, the Oxford study noted that the best safety results occur in those hospitals that incorporate a combined approach to surgical safety. One of the challenges that hospitals could face in implementing such a combined effort is the time and finances needed for establishing clear policy while training all affected personnel with regard to their roles and responsibilities. However, the benefit of reducing occurrences of surgical mistakes is an important incentive for taking such steps.

An example of communication efforts to reduce safety problems related to surgery might include factors such as confirming with a patient the nature of the surgery. This is particularly important for preventing problems such as wrong-site surgery. An example of improved safety methods might include requiring surgery patients to use anti-bacterial washes prior to arriving for their procedures to help in mitigating MRSA risks.

The family members of an individual who dies in surgery might wonder if a surgical error has played a role in the death, especially if the procedure was one with minimal risks. A medical malpractice attorney might be helpful in such a case by evaluating data from the patient's records and obtaining the opinion of medical experts to determine if negligence was the cause.

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