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Hospital comes under fire after doctors try to hide error

Arizona medical patients and their families may have heard about a malpractice case that occurred at a Connecticut hospital in 2015. According to reports, after doctors committed an error in which they took out the wrong rib of a female patient, they may have tried to cover up the incident. The woman's attorney said the hospital had to treat the woman to a second surgery soon after the first operation to correct the error, but the patient accused the doctors of failing to notify her that a mishap occurred at that time.

Medical errors more common among difficult patients

Arizona residents may believe that they have little control over whether or not they will be the victim of medical malpractice, but two studies have found that doctors make more mistakes when dealing with difficult or demanding patients. Medical safety experts have long been convinced that the chances of errors increase when patients badger or otherwise harass their physicians, and they now have empirical evidence to substantiate these beliefs. The research was published in a medical journal on March 7.

Common types of malpractice claims against hospitalists

When someone enters an Arizona hospital for treatment, a physician called a hospitalist will likely manage the patient's care. Typically, these professionals trained in internal or family medicine, but they practice only within a hospital. They work on the front line of patient care and function as a patient's primary care physician within the hospital. They coordinate treatments dictated by other specialists and monitor the patient's medical status. When a hospitalist fails to meet the standards of the profession, negligence might result. Malpractice claims against them fall predominantly into three categories.

The dangers of drug interactions

Arizona patients might expect their pharmacies to alert them if there are potential conflicts between drugs that are prescribed. However, there are so many variations in reactions and levels of severity that many such conflicts are ignored. Unfortunately, some drug interactions can have deadly results for some individuals. This was the case for a Florida woman, who suffered a life-threatening reaction to two drugs prescribed by the same physician.

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