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April 2016 Archives

Arizona malpractice includes far-ranging risks

Although some forms of medical malpractice are highly publicized, patients are at risk of many different kinds of medical errors that may not be quite as well known. In some cases, mistakes take the form of simple failures to follow proper procedures, but medical staff may also simply be unwilling or improperly trained to do things the right way. With complicated ailments, such as rare diseases or head trauma, a diagnosing doctor or nurse might even lack the skill to assess the situation correctly and thus inadvertently deny the patient an essential treatment.

Hospital negligence and injuries

When Arizona residents need medical care, they most likely go to the hospital with the expectation that they will improve. Unfortunately, many people end up being seriously injured or dying because of medical mistakes that happen. Each year in the U.S., an estimated 440,000 people die because of medical errors that happen while they are hospitalized.

Computer checks don't catch all medication errors

Medication errors are a serious concern for hospital patients in Arizona and throughout the nation. The federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that around 1 out of 20 hospital patients was injured by medications in 2015. To prevent medication errors from taking place, most hospitals have instituted some type of computerized medication system. These systems are supposed to prevent medication errors by checking for potential dangers.

Uncovering doctor errors is often difficult

While there are a number of resources available to those who wish to file complaints against doctors in Arizona and other states, obtaining information about complaints that have previously been lodged is often difficult. Consumer Reports looked into physician errors ranging from surgical mistakes to sexual misconduct, and it found that only a select group have access to these records.

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