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Hospital negligence and injuries

When Arizona residents need medical care, they most likely go to the hospital with the expectation that they will improve. Unfortunately, many people end up being seriously injured or dying because of medical mistakes that happen. Each year in the U.S., an estimated 440,000 people die because of medical errors that happen while they are hospitalized.

One of the more common accidents when people are in hospitals are falls. Health care facilities should take steps in order to help prevent falls from happening. Around 1 million people are injured in falls while they are in hospitals each year, and it is estimated that one-third of those accidents could have been prevented.

Medication errors involving antibiotics are also quite common. People may be prescribed antibiotics that are unneeded or they may be given the wrong ones. People should make certain that the hospital staff has a complete list of their medications and are informed about any drug allergies they may have when they go to the hospital. When hospitals place people on bed rest for too long, patients may get bedsores and get considerably weaker. People need to be able to start moving around as soon as they can. However, some people are discharged too early. People should make certain to discuss their discharge from the hospital with a planner about a day before they leave.

Hospital errors can result in serious harm to patients, including a worsening of their medical condition and a need for further expensive care and treatment. Whether an error constitutes compensable medical malpractice can sometimes be determined by a patient's attorney through a review of hospital charts and the obtaining of opinions from medical experts.

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