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June 2016 Archives

Hundreds of dialysis patients at risk for hepatitis B

Patients in Arizona hospitals that require dialysis must rely on health care staff to keep the process sanitary. If there is a mistake during one step of the procedure, it could result in a dialysis patient being exposed to an infection. Recently, a hospital in Seattle had to warn around 650 dialysis patients that they might have been exposed to hepatitis B.

Pregnancy may trigger Graves' disease in some women

Women in Arizona and across the nation are at a much higher risk for developing Graves' disease than men. The autoimmune disease affects women at 10 times the rate that it affects men, and pregnancy is believed to be a possible trigger for the disease. Around 30 percent of women who get Graves' disease during young adulthood were pregnant at some point in the preceding 12 months before diagnosis.

Group says Arizona hospitals lack response to never events

Nine out of ten hospitals in Arizona do not meet a patient safety watchdog's standard for dealing with 'never events." In a report on this issue, Leapfrog rated hospitals around the country on their responses to egregious medical errors like fatal medication mistakes, serious falls, wrong-site surgeries and objects left inside patients' bodies after surgery.

Woman suffers brain damage after cosmetic surgery

Arizona residents who are thinking of undergoing a cosmetic procedure may be alarmed to learn that a botched breast augmentation surgery left a Florida woman with indefinite brain damage. The woman, who was 18 when the surgery was performed in 2013, subsequently spent two weeks in a coma, and her mother says that she is now only able to say a handful of words, cannot eat on her own or stand unassisted for more than a few seconds.

Researchers investigating the toll of medical malpractice

The findings and recommendations of a May 2016 study on medical errors may lead to safer clinical settings for Arizona patients. The British Medical Journal reports that about 250,000 deaths in the U.S. each year are due to medical mistakes, which is a term that encompasses hospital negligence, prescription drug error, doctor error and generally injuries that occur when patients are under the care of medical personnel. High-profile settlements, such as that received by the family of Joan Rivers, and peer-reviewed investigations have uncovered systemic problems and potential solutions.

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