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Proving medical malpractice claims

When Arizona residents go to their doctors or to the hospital, they generally do so with the expectation that the care they will receive will help them. Unfortunately, medical professionals sometimes make errors that result in patients being seriously injured or even dying. If you or your loved one suffered a catastrophic injury, a worsened condition or died after medical treatment, you might wonder if it was caused by medical malpractice.

Proving that medical malpractice caused your injury can be very difficult. Doctors are expected to meet specific standards of care. In order to determine whether or not their care fell below the accepted standards, you might need to retain several medical experts who can review the medical records in order to determine what happened and whether errors were made.

After you have determined that medical malpractice was the cause of your harm, you will then need to determine what damages you require in order to be fairly compensated. Valuing a claim is a difficult process by itself. You will need to take into account many things, including your past and future calculated costs of care, your lost income or losses in your ability to earn an income, reductions in your quality of life and others.

At our firm, our attorneys have substantial experience in handling our clients' medical malpractice claims. We work closely together with each client to uncover the facts of what happened. In order to help us get to the bottom of things, we regularly work together with experts who can review the medical records and render their opinions. Often, doing so helps us to reach resolutions for our clients short of going to trial. If you believe that your harm was caused by a doctor's error, you might want to review our medical malpractice page for more information.

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