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September 2016 Archives

Study shows internists most often sued over misdiagnosis

According to a study by a top medical malpractice insurer, misdiagnosis complaints are the most common insurance claims filed against internal medicine doctors in Arizona and across the United States. The study, which was conducted by The Doctors Company, also found internists are more likely to be sued over severe injuries than doctors practicing in other specialties.

Misdiagnosing sepsis: When Arizona doctors make a deadly mistake

Misdiagnosis of an illness or disease can have detrimental and sometimes even fatal results. This is why the CDC has launched a public awareness campaign about sepsis. Sepsis is a complication that can occur when the body reacts badly to an infection. It can cause tissue damage, organ failure, and even result in death. And it is often missed in emergency rooms.

Causes and prevention of cerebral palsy

Arizona residents who have cerebral palsy may have developed it before, during or within a few months or years after their birth. CP occurs when there is some sort of damage to the brain that cause it to develop abnormally and results in a loss of motor control. For most people with CP, the damage occurred during or before birth.

Consider when informed consent may not be enough

Arizona patients put their health into their providers' hands. Before a patient undergoes a surgical procedure, he or she must be informed about the potential risks of this procedure and whether there are any alternatives. However, even when patients do receive this information, some surgeries may carry too much risk.

Medical errors preventable with procedural compliance

Arizona residents who go to hospitals and other health care facilities for medical assistance may be understandably worried about whether they'll receive the correct treatments. Mistakes like anesthesia being administered on the wrong side of the body continue to occur even with the existence of zero-tolerance policies. While less serious than surgical mistakes, experts say that these anesthesia errors can still result in complications.

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