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Causes and prevention of cerebral palsy

Arizona residents who have cerebral palsy may have developed it before, during or within a few months or years after their birth. CP occurs when there is some sort of damage to the brain that cause it to develop abnormally and results in a loss of motor control. For most people with CP, the damage occurred during or before birth.

A number of risk factors are connected with CP including using assisted reproductive technology, premature birth and multiple births. Babies with low birth weight may have CP along with newborns who have jaundice if it develops into kernicterus. Birth complications that affect the baby's access to oxygen may cause CP, and in some cases, mothers with medical conditions such as seizures or thyroid problems might be more likelier to have a child with CP.

Some cases of CP can be prevented. A healthier mother is less likely to have a child with CP. It is important for mothers to be vaccinated against diseases such as chicken pox and rubella prior to becoming pregnant. Incompatible blood types between mother and child can lead to cerebral palsy, so this should be monitored. Assisted reproductive technology may be managed in a way that reduces risk.

If CP occurs due to a birth injury or another preventable act by a medical professional, it may be advisable to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. For example, a doctor might not have properly monitored a mother's medical condition during pregnancy or may fail to recognize a serious issue while the mother is in labor. An attorney who has experience with these matters can discuss what is necessary to prove in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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