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October 2016 Archives

Hospital error leaves man without a kidney

Arizona residents may have heard that in July 2016, a surgeon at St. Vincent Hospital in Massachusetts removed a kidney from a patient in an apparent case of mistaken identity. The man who had his kidney taken out shared the same name as the patient who was supposed to have his kidney removed because of a tumor. The surgeon in that case did realize that a mistake was made as soon as it happened.

AI could replace doctor diagnosis in the future

Most Arizona patients would agree that medical care has improved a lot in modern times.However, while doctors know more about treating diseases and anesthetics can be relied on to eliminate pain in surgery, there are still a lot of problems with modern treatment. Every year in the United States, far more people are killed by medical errors than in car accidents.

Some veterans still waiting six months or longer for treatment

Some veterans in Arizona are still waiting six months or longer for medical treatment two years after whistleblowers working at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs office reported that senior executives routinely ordered medical staff to cancel appointments. Investigators were unable to prove these allegations, but a report released by the VA Office of Inspector General on Oct. 4 reveals that bureaucratic mix-ups are still widespread and likely cost at least one veteran his life.

Phoenix Va hospitals still making patients wait

It has been more than two years since the scandal surrounding the level of medical care the Veterans' Administration was providing to veterans first came to the public's attention. The Phoenix VA Health Care System was among the VA medical facilities across the U.S. to receive particular scrutiny for its massive backlog of patients who could not get timely medical attention.

Why medical testimony may not always be trustworthy

Arizona residents may want to know more about how medical testimony may impact a case. Depending on the circumstances, a lawyer may ask another medical professional to act as an expert witness in a court case, which could help bolster or even possibly undermine an injured patient's claim against a negligent doctor. However, in a Sept. 23 media report, a retired South Dakota surgeon revealed that not all medical testimony is reliable.

How to recognize encephalitis in children before it's too late

Encephalitis is a severe inflammation of the brain typically caused by a viral infection. Many cases, especially those with children, can become serious. Encephalitis is not very common and therefore can easily be mistaken for migraines or the flu. Any undue delay in treatment from doctors can have tragic consequences. Complications can include comas, mental impairment, memory loss, paralysis, and even death.

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