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AI could replace doctor diagnosis in the future

Most Arizona patients would agree that medical care has improved a lot in modern times.However, while doctors know more about treating diseases and anesthetics can be relied on to eliminate pain in surgery, there are still a lot of problems with modern treatment. Every year in the United States, far more people are killed by medical errors than in car accidents.

Problems like fatal drug interactions, misdiagnoses and surgical mistakes are usually caused by human error. Some medical researchers believe that medical diagnosis and treatment still relies too heavily on humans, and artificial intelligence should be used instead. AI that is capable of handling more health data points than a human doctor may be better at diagnosing patients.

When a doctor sees a patient about an unknown condition, the doctor may diagnose the patient based on a few biomarkers and a comparison of other patients that the doctor has seen with similar symptoms. On the other hand, AI could evaluate 300 biomarkers and then compare the patient's symptoms to information in a database of 100 million patients. Some researchers believe that when AI takes over the job of comparing medical data, doctors can focus more on communicating with their patients and comforting their patients.

While some doctor errors are simple mistakes, others occur because a doctor failed to exhibit the requisite standard of care. If a patient is harmed by such an error, such as a worsened medical condition, a medical malpractice attorney could assist in seeking compensation for the additional medical expenses and other losses that resulted.

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