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December 2016 Archives

Elderly hospital patients may fare better with female doctors

Elderly patients in Arizona hospitals may not get to choose the doctor that treats them during their stays. However, those that happen to be matched up with female doctors may have better outcomes. On Dec. 19, JAMA Internal Medicine published a study looking at the differences in the outcomes of patients that were treated by male or female doctors.

The effects of shoulder dystocia

Expectant parents in Arizona should be aware of possible complications that can occur during childbirth. Shoulder dystocia is a rare birth injury that occurs when one or both of an infant's shoulders become lodged in the mother's pelvis during delivery. Although it occurs in only a small fraction of births and most of the injuries can be resolved within a year with no long-term issues, a small number of shoulder dystocia cases are severe and can result in permanent injuries and even death.

Medical errors may result in chronic back pain

As some New Yorkers may know, the outcome of spinal surgery may not always be perfect. In fact, some surgeries result in continuing pain. This is called failed back surgery syndrome. The cause may be linked to inadequate evaluation of the patient for surgery, misdiagnosis or errors made by the surgeon.

Open heart surgery patients may have been exposed to infection

Modern medicine saves numerous lives, but sometimes the equipment, personnel and other factors severely injure and even kill the patients it was supposed to save. One newly discovered problem arises from equipment used in open heart surgical procedures.

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