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Complications associated with inflated balloon therapy

Arizona residents who are suffering from severe conditions like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease might be tempted to try any treatment, but a warning from the Food and Drug Administration has attacked a procedure that some physicians had been testing. Known as transvascular autonomic modulation, the procedure requires a tiny balloon to be inflated inside the veins of the neck. This could potentially widen the pathway and improve blood flow.

Complications experienced by patients who underwent the experimental procedure included a balloon rupturing inside the jugular vein, blood clots, damage to brain nerves and abdominal bleeding. At least one fatality has been recorded. A research study that investigated the alleged benefits of the procedure for multiple sclerosis patients produced no evidence of effectiveness.

The inflated balloon therapy resembles balloon angioplasty, which physicians use to unclog heart arteries. The warning document issued by the FDA, however, specifically stated that the those balloon devices were not approved for use in veins. The administration is currently investigating one physician for experimenting with the procedure despite lacking approval for a medical trial.

When doctors act recklessly or make mistakes, a patient could be left with injuries or killed. A person whose health was diminished by a surgeon's error might incur higher medical bills and lose income because of an inability to work. An attorney familiar with medical cases could support the client during the pursuit for damages. Medical cases often require independent medical testimony, and an attorney might have access to expert witnesses willing to review the patient's medical records. If evidence of substandard care emerges, then the attorney could file a lawsuit and open negotiations with the health care provider and the insurer.

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