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Skilled workers could be cause of hospital errors

Arizona hospital patients will of course want a skilled professional working to help them. However, a study by two researchers from Michigan State University indicates that skilled individuals may be more prone to error than less skilled individuals when they are interrupted. The reason for this appears to be that skilled workers perform tasks faster than other individuals.

Since a skilled worker's actions may be closer together in time, it may be harder for these people to remember what stage they were at when they go to resume an action. An example of this is a nurse that is preparing a medication for a patient. Nurses who are interrupted may forget whether they administered the medication or verified the patient and the dosage. Researchers determined during testing that the faster processes were completed, the more likely someone was to forget where they were if they were stopped unexpectedly.

This is not to say that people should prefer that less experienced or skilled practitioners provide medical care. It does mean that it is probably important that these people have methods in place for ensuring that mistakes are not made.

While there are a variety of reasons why someone may be given the wrong dosage of a medication or the wrong medication entirely, it is up to a hospital or medical facility to ensure patient safety. A patient whose condition worsens due to hospital negligence may want to meet with an attorney to see if the mistake constituted medical malpractice. The attorney may find it advisable to start settlement negotiations with the health care facility's insurance company.

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