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Infection, wrong-site surgery and other surgical errors

Surgery always carries some degree of risk. When an Arizona medical professional is careless or negligent, that risk might arise and cause significant harm to a patient. For example, surgery could be done on the wrong organ or the wrong limb. Potentially less serious errors could still have a devastating effect. Furthermore, a surgical error might not even be made by a human. Increasingly, robots are used in surgery, and while they may make fewer mistakes overall, there is still a possibility for error.

Some errors might be more cosmetic in nature but could still be devastating. A surgeon who is careless with sutures could leave scars on a patient. In some cases, people who are unhappy with the results of their plastic surgery might have grounds for a lawsuit.

Not all surgical errors are the fault of the surgeon. For example, an anesthesiologist could miscalculate the amount of anesthesia needed, and a patient might wake up during surgery. There could also be complications such as an infection from warming blankets. Another possibility that is not necessarily an error but that could result in a lawsuit is a refusal to treat a patient because of religious beliefs. This could happen to some transgender or women patients.

People who have been harmed as a result of medical malpractice might want to file a lawsuit against a negligent medical professional, a medical facility or another responsible party. The other party might respond by seeking a settlement, but if the terms of the settlement are not acceptable, then the patient may want to press ahead with a lawsuit filed with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

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