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Did your doctor fail to diagnose sepsis?

Sepsis is not an infection, per se, it's your body's reaction to the infection. Your body will try to fight the infection by flooding your body with toxic chemicals.

The next stage of sepsis involves inflammation throughout the body. The inflammation can interrupt blood flow and cause damage to your organs. The later stages of septic shock or severe sepsis can result in death.

What are the symptoms of sepsis?

Those with sepsis will also be suffering from a bad infection. As such, some of the earliest symptoms may include feeling weak, faint, unwell, having a fever or being confused. Those with sepsis could also have a breathing rate or a heart rate that's faster than normal. Diarrhea and nausea could be additional symptoms.

The most common cases of sepsis happen to the elderly, those with long-term and serious illnesses like cancer and diabetes, young babies under three months of age and people who have weak immune systems.

Doctors can treat symptoms of sepsis, and help patients survive the condition, but they need to recognize that the patient has sepsis early enough to provide appropriate treatment protocols.

When sepsis is left untreated due to doctors' errors

Tragically, undiagnosed sepsis is not uncommon. Arizona residents have even died due to undiagnosed sepsis or delayed diagnosis of sepsis.

Let's say you go to your doctor complaining of a bad fever and other problems. Your doctor knew that you're also a long-term diabetes patient and you're suffering from cancer. Combined with the other symptoms of sepsis, a competent physician should be able to diagnose sepsis quickly, and get you to the hospital for the medical help you need. Failing to do so in a timely fashion, however, can result in serious complications that leave you with debilitating and life-threatening injuries.

Pursue a medical negligence claim for undiagnosed sepsis

Arizona residents who suffered serious harm due to a delayed sepsis diagnosis may have strong medical malpractice claims that they can pursue in civil court. A medical negligence lawyer can review your medical records to determine whether you may or may not have a viable claim.

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