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Unnecessary C-sections still commonplace in hospitals

Arizona parents-to-be may be interested in learning that approximately 1.3 million children are delivered via cesarean sections every single year. This figure equates to about a third of all children born each year. Yet, according to a study released in January 2017, the vast majority of women wish to deliver their children vaginally.

An investigation of approximately 1,300 hospitals across the U.S. found that the hospital a woman chooses to deliver her child in can be a deciding factor in whether she receives a C-section. Although there are cases where this procedure is necessary, most pregnancies are low risk and do not require it. Surgical births do have carry risks that could affect the mother and child. In fact, research shows that C-sections cause approximately 20,000 major complications every year, which can include sepsis, organ injury and hemorrhage. Additionally, the surgery can also dramatically increase a new mother's medical expenses.

Many medical institutions have begun to take steps to reduce the rate of unnecessary C-sections. There are also several ways pregnant women can reduce their chances of getting this procedure if they don't need it. For example, some women may choose to go to hospitals that perform a lower number of C-sections.

While there are many hospitals that have taken steps to reduce the rate at which they perform unnecessary C-sections, some facilities may schedule them when they are busy are understaffed. If an unnecessary C-section leads to serious complications for either the mother or child, the family may be eligible to file a medical malpractice lawsuit by claiming hospital negligence. Not only can family members seek compensation for any birth injuries that occurred, but they may also pursue punitive damages and compensation for future medical costs associated with them. An attorney may negotiate with a hospital out of court in an attempt to secure a settlement for his or her clients.

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