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How to get physicians to admit their mistakes

Arizona residents may be aware that medical errors are one of the primary causes of fatalities in the United States. It is believed that up to 250,000 people die each year because of mistakes made by medical professionals. While efforts have been made to make it easier for medical professionals to acknowledge their errors, this may not be easy for everyone. However, doing so may increase patient safety and lead to better outcomes.

A paper published in Medical Education claims that training and education programs should focus on psychological issues related to errors and how they are disclosed. Doing so may decrease the number of mistakes that are made as well as their severity. Ultimately, this can help to improve outcomes for patients.

One issue that medical professionals may have when it comes to admitting an error is the fact that it could live on the internet forever. In an era of social media, health care providers are easier to review and scrutinize when even a minor error occurs. Others may have general feelings of fear, guilt or shame after making a mistake. These feelings may arise because people may overestimate their own role in causing a problem while underestimating their ability to recover from that situation.

Those who are injured because of doctor negligence may wish to talk to an attorney. Negligence may arise because a doctor makes a mistake when diagnosing a condition or a medical professional fails to give a patient informed consent before starting a treatment plan. If negligence can be proven, an injured victim may be entitled to compensation for their harm that may help pay for medical bills and related expenses.

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