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Technology can help to avoid surgical errors

Tools are available for surgeons in Arizona and elsewhere to achieve greater success in liver surgery while avoiding dangerous medical mistakes. The liver can be a particularly challenging site for operations, because the organ can be home to easily-shifting malignant tumors as well as major blood vessels.

A stylus can help surgeons to swab the liver during surgery to compare its current position to images captured earlier on a CT scan. This delicate process can represent an inaccurate picture of the liver, leading to surgical errors. Software developed at Vanderbilt University, however, helps to unite the data from the stylus with that from a CT scan to produce a unified image to help guide surgeons during delicate procedures.

Results of a study conducted at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center showed improvement in the accuracy and clarity of data in over 70 percent of the cases. This can be of significant value to surgeons seeking to avoid errors in liver and other abdominal surgeries, especially where tumor and blood vessel locations tend to shift due to an organ's composition or the pressures of surgery itself. The software creates a computer model of the liver and simulates the forces of surgery to better match the appearance of the organ during surgery. The technology is available for integration into surgery systems using image guiding.

This kind of technology is particularly important because surgeon mistakes can be particularly damaging to patients. A nick on a vital blood vessel or a segment of cancerous tumor left behind can have catastrophic results. Unfortunately, on too many occasions, patients experience worsened medical conditions as a result of such incidents. Patients who have been harmed by a surgical error might want to meet with a medical malpractice attorney in order to learn what recourse might be available.

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