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Surgeon defends value of surgical nurses to insurance companies

The methods used by insurance companies to control costs can frustrate both patients and medical providers in Arizona. An orthopedic surgeon recently challenged the practice of limiting payments for surgical staff by describing the many ways that nurses add value to medical care.

He wrote that insurance payment denials for surgical nurses made him cringe. After performing surgeries alongside the same assistant for over 24 years, he believed strongly that she enhanced communication among the operating room staff. She aided in the development of a dynamic team and reduced problems associated with miscommunication. Her expertise supplemented the care for every patient because she could bring problems to the surgeon's attention.

The patient assistant nurse at the physician's office plays an important role as well. The patient interview conducted by a nurse helps to build a broad picture of a patient's complaints and needs. An office nurse can also apply attention to checking bandages and medications. This effort catches complications early and allows the team to initiate appropriate care. The surgeon emphasized that skilled nurses elevated the quality of medical care.

Although many medical professionals strive to focus on their patients, a person who suffers a negative outcome might be the victim of malpractice. Problems like surgical errors or improper use of medical equipment could cause serious harm and inflict physical injury and financial hardship on a victim. A person in this position could discuss how to pursue damages with an attorney. The lawyer could seek testimony from an independent physician to build a case. After filing a lawsuit, an attorney could seek a pretrial settlement by speaking with the medical provider and insurer. If an offer results, an attorney could advise the person about its merits or suggest that the case go to trial.

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